Apps You Can’t Live Without Nowadays

Most people own smartphones today making them an essential part of our life. However, smartphones have a wide range of uses apart from talking or exchanging messages with friends and family. You can use your smartphone to listen to music, play games, pay bills, browse the internet, search locations etc. With smartphones playing a key role in our lives, app developers have a range of applications available on their play store. All you need to do is install them for use depending on your need and preference. Here are apps you can’t live without nowadays:


  1. OpenTable


This app is used to make reservations at over 20,000 restaurants in major cities. If you live in a big city in Canada, the US or even Mexico, you need OpenTable app to reserve a table at a good restaurant. This app has a ‘narrow search’ feature where you can narrow down your search by filtering your search using factors such as rating, price and distance. It is also important to understand that, apart from the wide range of restaurants to choose from, the app also gives reviews to help you make the right choice.


  1. Instacart


If you have limited time to shop for your groceries or you don’t like making long trips to a supermarket, instacart is an ideal app for you. Using this app, you can have your groceries delivered to your home saving you a lot of time and money. This app works with local grocery stores such as Costco, Whole Foods Market and Ralph’s to facilitate fast and efficient deliveries. You can find food, anti bed bug cream or whatever you usually find in a grocery available in this app.


  1. iTranslate


For those who love travelling, this is arguably the best translating tool you can have on your smartphone. iTranslate features more than 80 languages and it can be used to translate words, phrases or even whole texts. In addition to the numerous languages to choose from, the app has a ‘voice input’ option that you can use to select a different dialect. A lot of people are learning new languages and this award-winning app could be of help. In fact, even if you are browsing the internet and you find words or phrases you don’t understand, you can use this app to get the meaning.

  1. Waze


Driving in big cities can be stressing especially if you don’t know the routes to take or avoid to save time. Waze is one of the greatest app used in real life traffic and navigation by professional drivers. With Waze, you can get traffic updates, road info, police traps and reports about road accidents in a very short period of time (seconds). If you are using Waze for driving or navigation, you don’t need to buy expensive GPS devices because you can use turn by turn voice guided navigation to get two or three routes that you can use to reach your destination. This app can help you save a lot of time and avoid all the hassle on the road.


  1. Kayak


This is regarded as the number 1 mobile travel app. Kayak can help you find the right flight to any destination, a good hotel for accommodation and even get a rental car to drive. This app searches and filters through hundreds of travel sites to give you recommendations. It, therefore, saves you a lot of time looking into numerous travel sites one by one to get the information you need. Finally, you can also use a kayak to know the status or your flight as well as your itinerary.


It is important to understand that Android and IOS apps differ. Therefore, if you are in need of a certain app, search through your mobile phone play store or any other trusted site to install it.